Hello Curiyo!

When Dennis Ritchie invented modern software along with Ken Thompson and wrote the immortal “C Programming Language” book with Brian Kernighan, their first pristine example was a program to display just two words: “hello world!”

main() {
 printf(“hello world!”);

Ever since then, hello world has stood for a clean opening message — this is what we stand for. In Kernighan & Ritchie’s world, this was unabashed simplicity of code, structure, and design. As Einstein said, “Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Unix was revolutionary clean software by developers for developers, similar to what Macintosh would someday signify for UI simplicity.

I’m always amused by “nothing new under the sun” thinking. We are so absolutely used to thinking a certain way that, like residents of Flatland, we are stuck, unable to imagine new ways. When the revolution comes, of course, everyone says, “It’s obvious.” (See the story of Columbus and the egg.)

I founded Curiyo because it’s still too hard to connect with relevant content. Heresy, you say? No, I did not say anything bad about search engines. Yes, I love Google. But traditional search is just one way of finding good stuff, that is looking it up and chasing down links, one relevant page at a time.

Curiyo brings useful information to you, not you to it. We aim for an outstanding user experience — inline in one simple view. We are passionate about exploring easier ways to overcome the chaos of information and connect with timely relevant content. We aim to please — i.e. better connect — both readers (consumers) and writers (producers) of content — and maybe someday blur these boundaries.

So stay tuned, and long live content, context, curation, and curiyosity! Hello Curiyo!