Content Consumption Across Generations

Between Millennials (born between 1977–1995), Generation X (born between 1965–1976), and Baby Boomers (born between 1946–1964) each generation possesses a unique set of values and expectations when it comes to content consumption. This is what plays a big role in each of their experiences and behaviors as consumers.

It’s All About Content Consumption

BuzzStream and Fractl did an amazing job surveying over 1,200 individuals, on many aspects of their content consumption. The results were absolutely fascinating, as it very well should be- because here are some of the topics that were covered:

  1. Time spent consuming content
  2. Time of day that content is consumed
  3. Devices used for content consumption
  4. Types of content consumed
  5. Content length preferences
  6. Favorite genres
  7. Platforms used to share content
  8. Content that is most shared

We could go on forever talking about our thoughts on each aspect, but in an effort to maintain a certain word limit (as picked up on from the research) we’ll keep it short. So here’s a list of some of the highlights that we found particularly interesting.

Baby Boomers LOVE Their Content

In fact, they consume it the most. That may be because they dive straight into content consumption earlier on in the day compared to Generation X and Millennials. Over 25% of the Baby Boomers that were surveyed across the globe reported consuming content for over 20 hours each week. That’s around double the amount of their counterparts- as the Generation Xers and Millennials reported consuming content 5 and 10 hours of content each week.

Most of the respondents reported consuming the most content late at night. That makes sense, considering the addictive nature of smart Internet-connected mobile devices. The least popular time for content consumption tends to be between midnight and 5AM. This makes us wonder if that means most people only sleep 5 hours, especially considering how Baby Boomers reported to start consuming content between 5AM and noon. But can you guess which group uses their laptops and tablets most? BABY BOOMERS! Everyone else gravitates towards their mobile phones the most.

Everyone Enjoys Similar Content

Each generation enjoys the same types of content, which include blog posts, interesting images, and eBooks. Each generation also has the least preference for content such as whitepapers and webinars. That may be because most whitepapers and webinars are gated, and require them to fill out forms before enjoying the insights.

Entertainment news ranks highest across the board for all genres. Beyond that, there are some differences. Baby Boomers are most interested in world news and politics. Millennials are most interested in technology, with Baby Boomers coming in as a close second. Gen Xers gear towards content that ties in with personal finance, parenting, and healthy living.

Facebook is King

Contrary to reports about teens leaving Facebook by the masses- this survey has shown that each generation loves turning to Facebook for content consumption. Facebook ranked even higher than YouTube! When it comes to the content they share- Baby Boomers like sharing images and videos, and everyone else prefers newer trends such as memes.

What are your thoughts on these insights? Do they apply to you and your network? Let us know!

— by Farhana Rahman