Tips to Generate more leads through inbound content marketing

The cost per lead which inbound marketing delivers is 61% cheaper than the cost which traditional marketing delivers for a lead. In the past decade internet and marketing have evolved in unexpected ways. Since september 2008, the number of internet users has increased by more than 100%.

This just means that the world is live, and is live on the internet. But how can that benefit anyone? Well, people who are using internet sure find some sort of muse or benefits out of it. But is that all?

Let’s for once jump back to the first line of this article. Generating leads using inbound marketing is something almost all businesses are focusing on these days. The reason is again the first line of this article.

Traditional marketing is something that we have seen brands trying their luck at. Huge billboards around the highways, advertisements on televisions, in movie halls, in newspapers, and magazines are some traditional ways of marketing. These ways have existed here for a long time now.

Not that these are ineffective. But there is always some scope for betterment, right?

Inbound marketing is the betterment here. It can work like magic when it happens. The only question here is how to actually make it happen? Well, here are some brilliant tips to help you generate more leads through inbound content marketing.

Tips to Generate more leads through inbound content marketing

Lead generation is an art which needs to be practiced. It takes efforts to be learnt and mastered, but once it sits in, you can see the money flow in.

Every marketer who tries to generate leads through inbound marketing commits some mistakes on his/her way. The ones who learn from those mistakes succeed for us to learn from their mistakes. And based on the same are the tips that follow.

1. Nothing if not content

You get it right. Its content again. Whatever your niche is, if you are trying to convert your traffic into leads your content needs to be persuasive.

Just because a blog post that you wrote is ranking on the first position on Google (which will never happen with thin content for a competitive keyword), doesn’t mean you will get conversions with poor content.

Also mark that poor content here doesn’t particularly mean content with less information. True that your content should be in-depth and useful for the users, apart from that you also need to know what the reader actually wants.

For example, if your reader is looking for “The best SEO practices in 2018”, and you write a 4,000 word blog post, with no intent to be understandable, but just be read, you will not even be read.

Blog reading population in 2018 is just a bunch of impatient individuals, who need good reasons to read your content. To make that happen you need to know the audience that you are writing for. Know their behaviours, their interests, and everything that you can know about them.

Use Google analytics and Facebook’s pixel to get all of this data about your readers. After that write the best piece of content your users can find.

For the readers to trust you with their contact details, they need to believe that you want to help them. And for that to happen, you have to create content which actually helps them.

2. Be sure of who you are targeting

One wrong approach of marketing a product is trying to get everyone to like your product. A bald person will never need to buy your hair oil or shampoo.

Trying to funnel every email address down to your mailing list will disappoint you in the end. The best that you can do for your lead generation campaign is create ads which target people who would really be interested in your product.

This way, you will save a lot of time, and money, and that is not all. Creating smarter ads will give you better conversion rates too. And that way you can always keep getting better by optimizing your ads the best that you can.

3. Be as specific as possible

If you are a B2B company, it is really important for you to be specific about who your audience is. You can’t decide your potential clients on the basis of just a few things. That is a reason why many B2B companies fail to convert.

To keep yourself safe from the same, be as specific as possible. Dig as deep as you can and come up with a specific list of companies or individuals.

And once you have done that, it all comes down to the quality and usefulness of the product and the services that you are selling to them. To actually convert the best, you need to build trust. Trust comes in when you develop deep relations by providing solutions and help with your outreach.

4. Tell your story

There are so many ways to get traffic on your website. You can use social media, SEO, forums and paid marketing to get traffic to your website. What’s the point if you don’t get any leads?

Well, if you are not telling the visitors your company’s story and that too in 10 seconds you need to do that now.

This is something which attracts more quality visitors. If you are able to tell your company story in an emotional and persuasive way to the visitors on your website, you will start seeing the traffic convert.

5. Tune your conversion optimization

You might be getting a huge lot of traffic on your landing page. That might sound good, and appear satisfying, but what’s the point if it doesn’t convert the traffic?

As said above, Lead generation is an art that needs to be practiced. Lead and sale generation through inbound marketing is a matter of hits and trials. You need to try, analyze, improvise and try again.

For doing the same, observe your visitors. Monitor their behaviour, most popular age group, most popular gender, demographic location, language, and everything that is available and relevant.

After that you can break the campaign down, and fine tune and optimize your conversion cycle to the best.

6. Work towards SEO

After designing your landing page in the best possible way, writing the best persuasive content, setting up the audience filters perfectly and understanding what your users actually need and want, SEO is the most important thing to consider.

No matter how much traffic you get from social media, and paid searches, the traffic that you get from SEO will always top the list.

SEO can appear to be tricky at times, the truth is it is the cleanest of all the practices of getting web traffic. To get search traffic, you need to be as clean as possible. Attempts of manipulating search engines will not get you anywhere.

Just create quality content which helps your readers, distribute it over all your media channels, and focus on quality. This will even attract backlinks to your content. What else do you think is needed for SEO?

It’s as simple as it gets. Quality is all that matters. Apart from that there are a few basic On-page SEO practices that you would need to consider.

Final words

Hands down, Inbound marketing is the best way of generating genuine leads for your business. In the beginning it’ll take some time to settle in, but once you get a hang of it, this works like a charm.

To make it work the best for you, you need to be attentive towards whatever is happening in the realm of internet marketing.

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