Top 15 SEO Tools For Firefox

I was forever getting asked by my readers on the most useful tools for SEO for Firefox. So I decided to put together a list of all the SEO Tools and Plugins that are commonly used with Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is the most common browser used by Internet Marketers and Webmasters because it allows you to use tools and plugins such as these. So before you download any of these plugins I recommend you download Firefox first and then add these plugins.

Some people also wonder about if they have IE can they still run Firefox? Well the answer is of course you can! I personally run around 3 browsers at once including Google Chrome. My other computers aslo use Safari. It is a good idea to get familiar with the other browsers especially if your designing sites aswell so that you can cross reference how the sites look on other browsers.

Ok so out of the list of tools I would like to point out that you will find probably 3-4 plugins that you will use consistently. Although this is a big list I do not expect that you will use all of them. I encourage you to try out a few and give me feedback on how they are.

1. SEO for Firefox

This is one of the most useful SEO plugins I have used. It gives you detailed analysis on any website in the search results of the major search engines, including whois, links, age, pr, cached pages and much more. You can also set nofollow attribute to show as highlighted


2. Rank Checker

Rank Checker is a tool that checks keywords how they are ranking in the major search engines. You simply type in the keyword or keyphrase according to the domain it is you would like to see results on, and instead of viewing results in the search engine it gives you the results all in one place. You can then export the results to csv if you wish for later use.

3. RankQuest SEO Toolbar

Validation tools, Content tools, Meta tools, Popularity tools, Search Engine tools and SEM tools.

4. SeoQuake

SeoQuake is a program that integrated in Firefox so that users can view a large number of search engine parameters on the fly. It consists of SeoToolbar, Seobar, and output of requested parameters on Search Engine Result Pages.

5. LinkDiagnosis Firefox Extension

This plugin allow users to see Google PR and anchor text of every backlink, most popular anchor texts and charts with breakdown of pagerank and link types.

6. SEO Link Analysis

SEO Link Analysis enriches the link data in Google Webmaster Tools & Yahoo! Site Explorer by showing the PageRank of the linking page, the anchor text and whether the link is followed, nofollowed or no longer exists.

7. Niche Watch Tool

Niche Watch Tool gives you backlinks number, indexed pages, keyword occurences on the page, page rank, all in anchor, all in title and all in text rank for both domain and webpage information.

8. Quirk Search Status

SearchStatus is a toolbar extension for Firefox and Mozilla that allows you to see how any and every website in the world is performing. It provide a lot of useful information such as Google PR, Alexa Rank, Compete Rank, mozRank, WhoIs, quick link to robos.txt and sitemap.xml, and etc. You can easily access these information from the Searc Status icon at the status bar.

9. HTML Validator

Fixing errors in your main site is a must for SEO. This enables the search engines to crawl your site easily and also let’s the search engines know that you site is not full of bugs. The Html validator will show you where the errors are and this will in turn help you easily fix them

10. SEOpen

Provides some basic tools to help with search engine optimization. Including google backlinks, yahoo backlinks, PageRank check, http header viewer, and more. All features are available by right-clicking on an open area of a web page, or by using the included toolbar.

11. Foxy SEO Tool

Foxy SEO Tool is a free, open source Firefox add-on that offers tools for search engine optimization (SEO), web traffic and page analysis, for webmasters and web professionals.

12. Socialphile

Socialphile Firefox Extension assists users with comfortable searching based on ranking of each search result at social news websites. It allows users to submitsearch result directly to social news websites. Currently, Socialphile only supports, but the developers will add more social news websites in the future.

13. KGen

KGen allows you to get the most important keywords of a webpage. It’s really usefull to analyze the SEO strategy of your competitors or simply know what’s the main subject of a webpage.

14. Alexa Sparky

Alexa Sparky Helps you analyze the current ranking the websites are that you view instantly without having to check up that site each time in alexa itself. The status bar will also give you traffic rank details along with all other alexa results

15. SenSEO

SenSEO analyzes web pages and tells you how good they fulfill on-page Search Engine optimization criteria. SenSEO is a Firefox add-on integrated with the popular Firebug web development tool. The code is based on the YSlow extension

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