3 Ways To Guide Referrals in Earning Money

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There are some websites that provide referrals to earn money in certain affiliate marketing programs you have joined. Most affiliate programs you will join usually have the “refer a friend” option. But we know that most of our referrals are not serious on what they’re doing in order to earn, so it requires motivation or else they will quit. Usually they need guidance from their referrers. Here I have listed how to guide our referrals in earning money through these programs?

  1. If you have referred them to join a site through the referal link on your website or blog, make sure you always leave your contact e-mail address or instant messenger ID for them to contact you as well. Oblige them to contact you immediately along with their usernames by putting a message in your blog post or any parts of your website. This will then at least capture their email to get there attention over regular newsletters and certain reminders.
  2. Make sure that you know how the system works in any affiliate program you are associated with, so that you can teach them what you have applied right now. When you study how the system works and are totally satisfied this will show them when you suggest to them how passionate you are when explaining. Don’t refer until you know how the system works, because sometimes there is also an investment needed on their part, so the better you explain and recommend the better it will be for them to want to join. If they know the system, oblige them to do the same on what you have taught them, and let them teach it to others.
  3. Motivate them regularly, showing them also how much you have earned privately or openly whatever you feel comfortable with and show them that they too can be earning just like this. When they see actual proof then this really ensures that that it is possible and will always have this pictured earning in their mind and is usually the driving force to keep them going.

These tips will gladly help you in making your referrals active, through guiding them in earning money on different make money streams around the corner. Best of all it’s going to make you potentially rich, by helping them getting richer too.


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