Boost Your Visitors Through Facebook Fan Promotion

A lot of guys and girls out there are addicted to a social networking program called Facebook. Today, it has reached about 350 million members on the internet and is still growing over and over again. Not only Facebook members want to join just for fun they also want to be part of a group or community which they can also  promote their business by posting on walls and fan pages. But how do we increase our number of fans and friends in our Facebook account? We will do this in a manual way, not in an automatic form like some software. We know that promoting our website in Facebook is truly a big potential, because you will gain lots of visitors here as there are lots of visitors to attract.

Boosting your visitors is quite challenging though, and can take you up to months to work it out manually. But if you want to get faster results on your traffic, you better buy some advertising space either banner or links to a website with thousands of page impressions and unique visitors daily.

The best technique is to invite friends based on groups that interest you, so this way you have an instant connection and similar interest. You just simply request them to be your friend along with a little message until you gain friends. Once they confirm your friend request, you may be able to invite them to your group and to your fan page.

Patience is a virtue, because this is a slow process. If you’re doing this for the first time by just sending invitations to your confirmed friends, you will experience that 1 or 2 friends will join your group and fan page every 4 days to 1 week, depends on how active they are in checking notifications. Do not stop inviting them, and if they want to exchange with you, this is also a good idea.

In a month, your Facebook fans and group members will increase gradually, slowly but surely until more and more are being invited to join the discussion. If your friends in the first degree, check their friends in the second degree, third degree and so on and keep inviting, you will have more Facebook fans and groups in the near future. But it’s also useless if your group and fan page is inactive with no topics at all, so you must keep updating it by putting a share button in every blog post you have.

The more friends, fans and group members, the more you will gain potential visitors back to your website and earn lots of impressions daily. You could even gain lots of referrals there, if you have programs with referral links too. It’s a good way to perform viral marketing, and Facebook is one source. Affiliate marketers and SEOfanatics are successful in building their traffic through Facebook, because it is alot of potential and unique. This is a place where you gain lots of traffic and visitors without investing on advertising, unless you’re interested on Facebook ad campaigns. That is also worth to try.


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