12 Tips To Become An SEM Expert

This topic outlines some of the tips you can use in order to become an Search Engine Marketing expert.

By being good at what you do chances are you will not only increase your website rankings effectively on various search engines but you will gain loads of traffic as a result of your branding and viral marketing campaigns.

  1. Get on the home page of digg, reddit or any well known social bookmarking site. If you can achieve this you will naturally be talked about and you will gain alot of exposure.
  2. Participate in 3 way traffic exchanges, sites that will give you 10,000 relevant visitors for 10,000 visitors back from another site.
  3. Offer prizes and giveaways on your site for active members, and also have something free on your site to get new users in the door.
  4. Capture emails, you must have your own subscription form with regular newsletters to your members, I like to use Aweber. Always offer a rsssubscription as well for the members that want to subscribe using feedburner.
  5. Add fresh content that are keyword-rich to your website or blog. It’s so important that you write new content regularly and content which is unique, either you do or it or hire someone to do it.
  6. Articleand press release writing or forum participation. Using various different tools, it will double your SEO results through your effort.
  7. Continually tweak the meta keywords and description within the back end of your sites pages and on-page as well according to the keywords you are ranking for.
  8. Do regular broken link checking in your site to ensure your site is crawl-able and error free.
  9. Start your own company blog and write regular articles and point to your main site.
  10. Expand into social media marketing and social bookmarking and gain exposure on online newspaper or google news sites.
  11. Concentrate on internal link structure and make sure keywords that are relevant within your on-page content are links pointing to other inside pages. Also have your own sitemap for making your site crawlable.
  12. Link building with other websites is key, but you must be creative in your thinking to get high rankings quickly and effectively by using creative link building methods. You need high page rank relevant backlinks.

Always monitor your website’s performance and status on search engines. To maintain high position on various search engines, you must assess your rankings constantly and to identify new and innovative ways to increase your position on various search engines.

Keep up to date with new and innovative techniques for SEO purposes. You need to always be on the look out for new SEO news and tips since search engine marketing is truly dynamic.


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