Bing’s Evil Plan On Making Google Fail

Have you heard about the latest on the internetrelationship between Bing and Google? It is getting much more tense than ever. There are certain rumors that Bing has an evil plan for big websites that are indexed in Google. Bing is sick and tired of just being a second or third placer behind Google, who is the current leader in search engines. Their evil plan is to convince huge websites that already drive huge traffic, sales and leads that will make them a living, to de-index themselves to Google, and will purely focus to index and optimize with Bing on the internet. However, in return, they will give site owners a compensation like money for de-indexing with Google. But the question is, is this ethical practice and can site owners make a huge living with Bing? Probably not! There are huge certain reasons on why it’s not advisable to de-index with Google:

  1. Your SEO career will be useless

From the time that you spent months to build your backlinks and performing SEO on Google, will you just throw it away? Definitely not advisable. Try to think of your precious hard work you have done for your website to be optimized in Google.

  1. You lose more visitors and customers

If you de-index yourself this will mean you will have less visible pages for users to find you on the internet when searching for certain keywords, customers and visitors you have will drop as a result of this. All the backlinks you may of gained also to your site may slowly drop off.

  1. Less motivation and focus

If you de-index with Google and shift to Bing alone, your motivation and focus will also be lost. Why? Because you will have to start all over again, it’s no good and will only let your precious time be wasted to get more customers on Bing. It’s not good to de-index with Google right now because they hold 85%  plus of the total search market and your main traffic source is from there.

Personally I can say that Bing’s plan to dethrone Google will not be successful. They will totally fail because of unfairness when it comes to SEO


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